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Did you know? We have 3 amazing fundraising options!

Option 1: Sell PPC pretzels at your events or with your booster club

Option 2: Pack the house style nights where we donate a portion of sales for every guest you bring in!

Option 3: Sell our pre-made baking kits to your family, friends, coworkers etc.  We sell them to you at a discount, and you keep the profits!

Maybe you've heard of us.  Maybe you've brought your children in for ice cream or maybe we've delivered to your office party.  But what you may not know is that we've been providing out gourmet, hand rolled, soft baked pretzels to area booster clubs for over 20 years!


Our soft baked gourmet pretzels are a great choice for your club's concession business.  They're big!  They're warm!  They're great for a meal or snack! And Best of all, they are inexpensive!!  


Whether you're looking for a new concessions vendor or something special for your team's next fundraising dinner, Pretzel and Pizza Creations in Downtown Frederick wants to provide you with our best.  We make our pretzels fresh to order in our restaurant – why should your concessions be any different? Simply reheat, dip in butter,

sprinkle a topping and serve – to someone with a big smile on their face!  A fresh, hot pretzel is the perfect, almost effortless, game day treat.


The best thing, besides the pretzels of course, is that we don't need much time to make them. Just tell us what you need & when, and we will work with you to make sure everyone is satisfied. It's just our way!


We know you want to support your kids, your community and show off that school spirit, and we want to make it as easy as possible to get started. Contact us anytime and we will love to start making some smiles...and filling some tummies too!

soft baked pretzel

price list

Each box contains 20 soft baked pretzels

  • Less than 10 boxes ...........................$1.65 per pretzel

  • More than 10 boxes......................... $1.55 per pretzel

  • 1 LB of Sweet Cream Butter......................................$3

  • Cinnamon/Sugar and Pretzel Salt Toppings........Free!


We encourage our booster club and other fundraising partners to sell our delicious pretzels for $4 each and which will earn them some great profits to help out their organizations!

Here are some projections to give you an idea of what your club could be raising with a quailty product.


profit projections

You Buy            You Pay          You Earn           You Profit

5 Boxes             $165                  $400                  $235

15 Boxes           $465                $1200                  $735

30 Boxes           $930                $2400                $1470

Simply Contact Us for more information or to get started!

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