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Our first baking kit video!

Hey guys! Well we finally did it! We made some pretzel cinnamon rolls for you guys out of our PPC Baking Kits! Is that kit you bought or were gifted languishing in your cupboard? Time to bust that puppy out and cancel your brunch plans!

Here my mom & I break down the mysterious (or not so mysterious) cinnamon roll and make a recipe here that is totally non-intimidating. Do you have an hour (roughly lol)? Then you can make these tasty pretzel treats! We go over everything - stretching, assembly, rise time, cooking, a quick frosting recipe and our extra special bonus...PRETZEL DOUGHNUTS - Romanian style!

We hope you enjoy watching our video and any comments (besides how I talk with my hands a lot and am generally awkward) are totally welcome! There are more tutorials to come so keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook pages but LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE on our Youtube and be notified immediately!!

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