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Baking and Pizza Kits

Get Excited! We've launched our Baking Kits and our Pizza Kits!

Our baking kits contain everything you need to make 10 pretzels with enough dough left over for a small pizza. All you need to make our amazing pretzels at home is a baking it, a stand mixer (or you can knead by hand), water, an oven and a little butter or olive oil to make the salt or cinnamon sugar (both included) stick to your soft baked pretzels. Check our our videos to see how we make our pretzels from start to finish using a PPC Baking Kit. For $12.99 you can get started and have PPC at home whenever its convenient. Or ship them to family members that miss us!


Our Pizza Kits contain our fresh, gourmet pretzel dough, our house made marinara sauce, 2 toppings and mozzarella cheese. Check out the videos to see how we make a great sheet pan pizza for some inspiration!


Don't forget our kits are amazing activities for date nights, rainy days, or just a fun afternoon or evening at home. If you have any issues along your journey, send us a Facebook message and we'll respond as quickly as possible and get you back on track!

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